Paris by Design


About the book

Author and designer Eva Jorgensen explores why Paris has such a magnetic pull for artists and design lovers.

An eclectic and influential group of contributors—creatives based in Paris and abroad—offer travel tips and insight into Paris’s fashion, design, craft, and art scenes.

Recommending more than 450 places to visit, shop, stay, eat, and drink, Paris by Design is both an inspirational source for satiating design-centric wanderlust and a practical guide full of places creatively curious Francophiles will want to visit.

Paris by Design: An Inspired Guide to the City’s Creative Side by Eva Jorgensen

Photographer: Chaunté Vaughn | Food and Drink Editor: Rebekah Peppler | Designer: Linnea Paulsson Neppelberg | Publisher: Abrams


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You know that Audrey had it right when she said

“Paris is always a good idea”.


Not sure if Paris by Design is for you?

We get it. So many books! So little time! We’ll make it easy, though. Do you agree with either (or both) of the below statements?

1) I feel inspired by art, design, and creative people.

2) I dream of visiting Paris one day OR have a trip planned already.

If the answer is yes, then let’s be friends and you can find your copy here. (If the answer is no, then let’s still be friends, okay?)


A note from Eva:

You guys! I can’t believe the book is here—it’s only been 3 years in the making, lol. But it’s the best creative project I’ve ever worked on. I absolutely love how it’s turned out and would definitely buy it/read it/love it even if I weren’t involved.

It took a village to make Paris by Design and I am so grateful to every single person in that village. Merci beaucoup—I can’t say it enough! x E

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